How to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

Preparing your child for a new baby will make the baby’s arrival much easier and more exciting. Newborns require a lot of attention which means less attention for their older siblings. Preparing your child will help with the transition. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for a new baby.

  • Share your excitement about having a baby.
  • Read them books about how babies are born
  • Read them books about having a new brother or sister
  • Invite them to help you shop for the new baby by letting them pick out clothes, toys, etc.
  • Invite them to help you arrange and decorate the baby’s room
  • Explain that babies need a lot of help and invite them to help. This will include your child in the process and give them time spent with you.
  • If your child is interested invite them to a few doctor’s visits
  • Prepare your child for when you go to the hospital
  • If allowed, let your child visit you and the baby at the hospital
  • Point out babies when out and about especially ones that are with their older sibling. This will give them a sense of being a big brother or sister.
  • Visit friends with babies and point what is involved in caring for the baby
  • Set aside time for you and your child without the baby
  • Ask family and friends to spend time with your older child when they visit the baby
  • Increase the dad time so your child doesn’t feel neglected
  • Be patient with your older child as a new baby is a big change

If the transition is difficult for your older child, discuss it with your pediatrician at your next visit.