Summer Is Right around the Corner

Summer is right around the corner. The kids are almost out of school.  That means it’s time for summer vacation, summer camp, and more time spent at beaches and pools. What better time to go over water safety than now, National Water Safety Month?


Summer Is Right around the Corner


Yes, we are lucky enough to be able to swim and enjoy our beaches year round, but come summer our children are more likely to be enjoying the water more because they are out of school.


Here are some tips to help keep your children safe in and around the water.

General Water Safety

  • Teach children how to swim
  • Teach children not to fool around near bodies of water
  • Make sure children use the buddy system and never go into the water alone

Pool Safety

  • Keep pools locked and secured with a fence so children can’t access pools without adult supervision
  • Install an alarm if possible
  • Keep access doors locked
  • Have pool rules which include diving rules
  • Learn CPR and keep a phone nearby

Beach Safety

  • Make sure your children know their limitations
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the water, be cautious as there could be steep drop offs
  • Teach children how to recognize a riptide, and what to do if caught in one
  • Be aware of the lifeguard’s location
  • Always keep an eye on the children

Boating Safety

  • Wear a US Coast Guard approved lifejacket
  • Don’t run or jump while in the boat
  • Children should NEVER swim while the motor is running
  • Don’t touch any controls
  • Keep hands and feet inside the boat at all times
  • Don’t dive into the water
  • Always listen to the captain

Protection From the Sun

  • Protect your child with sun screen of at least 50 SPF which protects against both UVA and UVB rays and reapply at least every two hours
  • Wear hats, caps and visors to protect both the face and eyes from sun damage
  • While at the beach, use umbrellas and sunshades to provide shade from the sun and heat
  • Eyes can get sun damage too, use polarized sun glasses when outdoors

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that on average there are about 10 drowning deaths per day. In addition, for every child who drowns, another 5 receive emergency care. West Coast Pediatrics hopes you and your family will have a safe and fun filled summer!