Crafts and Experiments for Kids

Crafts and experiments are not only a great way to keep your kids busy; they are a way to learn and expand your child’s imagination. Here are just a few activities, where to find the instructions and where to find many more activities.

Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs

Photo courtesy of One Little Project.

This is a simple and fun Easter craft. You can make them in less than 5 minutes. Learn more about this project at One Little Project.

How to Make Pinwheels

Photo courtesy of One Little Project.

Pinwheels are fun to watch spin as you run or even just in the wind stuck in the ground. They can be fun to make too. Learn more about this project at One Little Project.

Explore Effects of Glaciers Melting

Photo courtesy of PBS for Parents.

When Glaciers melt, they can cause a rise in sea levels. This experiment will show your child how this happens. To learn how to set up this experiment, visit PBS for Parents.

Make a Glitter Volcano

Photo courtesy of Mommy Poppins.

If you have a young scientist in your family, they will love this experiment. They can build a glitter volcano with items you probably already have in your home. To learn how to visit Mommy Poppins.

Make a Lucky Rock

Photo courtesy of PBS for Parents.

This project has two activities in one. First, go on a rock hunt to find a rock to transform into your lucky rock. The second is to be creative by painting, drawing, and writing on the rock to make it your luck rock. Learn more at PBS for Parents.

Crafts and Experiments Safety

Crafts and experiments require adult supervision. Many require scissors, pins, glue, household materials, small objects, and more. All of these items can present hazards if not properly used and supervised. Make sure the projects you choose are age-appropriate. Contact your pediatrician if you discover any injury or suspect ingestion of any materials.