Here are some fun and not too expensive ideas for Spring Break

Spring Break


Spring Break is right around the corner. Some of you might have a grand vacation planned or maybe your child is going to camp. If neither of those are the case, here are some fun and not too expensive ideas for a Spring Break Stay-Cation!


Free Family Outings


  • Go to your local library. Manatee County Libraries offers many activities for different ages throughout the week.
  • Go to a local toy store. The Learning Express has activities for the little ones which are typically free.
  • Check out our local nature preserves. We have so many here to choose where the kids can ride bikes, walk, kayak or even climb a tower!
  • Take a family trip to the beach! Yes it might be a bit crowded this time of the year, but as locals, we do know the best locations and times to go.
  • Have a family fishing day! What’s better than a day on the water?
  • Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.
  • Visit the Ringling Museum on a Monday. Monday’s are free for the museum and grounds.

Fun Activities Inside


  • Bake a cake or cookies
  • Make a meal together
  • Have a fun arts and crafts day
  • Have a family game night
  • Have breakfast for supper
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Do a family puzzle together
  • Have a family movie night

Quick Day Trips


  • Take a trip to the South Florida Museum. They have family friendly activities and the kids will love it.
  • Visit the Mote Aquarium. There are so many different species of marine life and hands on activities. The kids will have a blast.
  • Check out Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Between the Butterfly Garden, playground, and walking amongst free roaming flamingos, it’ll be an experience the whole family will talk about for a while!
  • Visit the Florida Railroad Museum for a train ride!

Just remember the sunscreen and insect repellent for those outdoor activities. You don’t want to end a great adventure with a sunburn or itchy bug bites.