How to Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19

Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19


How to talk to your kids about COVID-19 depends on how old they are. It also depends on how much they already know and what their reaction to the situation is. Some children are equipped to handle information, while others are not. You as parents can decide what, and how much information to share with them. Here are some tips if they’re scared or are asking questions.


  • Define what COVID-19 is. Let them know that it’s a virus that spreads through germs.
  • Let them know that some people might not even know they have it, and how it spreads through things like coughing and sneezing, and how it’s important to cover your mouth.
  • Tell them that because of the ease of spreading, this is why it is so important to wash your hands, not touch your face, and to stay home and social distance.
  • If they’re scared of people wearing masks, or scared to wear one themselves, wear one, and have them wear one and look in the mirror together. Show them it’s only you and them, and explain why it’s important to wear a mask to help to prevent the virus from spreading.
  • Explain to them what is being done to keep people safe and prevent the spreading of the virus.
  • Try to limit their exposure to the news.
  • Tell them that scientists are working hard to figure out how to help people who get ill, and that things will get better.
  • Offer extra hugs and say “I love you” more often.
  • If they are very upset, and you are unable to help them, seek professional advice.