Water Safety and Swimming Lessons

May is National Water Safety Month. Teaching your children to be safe around water and swimming is extremely important. Here are a few of the local water safety programs and swimming lessons available:


  1. Manatee County YMCA Aquatics Program:
    • Offers swim lessons for all ages and skill levels
    • Provides water safety instruction and drowning prevention education
    • Website: www.manateeymca.org
  2. SwimAmerica at Buffalo Creek:
  3. Manatee County Parks and Recreation:
  4. Swim Academy at Gold’s Gym:
  5. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools:
  6. British Swim School:
  7. Safe Start Swim School:
    • Focuses on water survival and drowning prevention for infants, toddlers, and young children
    • Provides private lessons
    • Website: www.safestartswimschool.com
  8. Manatee Lagoon:

Please note that availability and specific details may vary, so visiting the respective websites or contacting the organizations directly for the most up-to-date information on courses, schedules, and pricing is advisable.


Discuss your concerns about your child’s health and ability to attend a swimming lesson with your pediatrician.